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My First Project

While preparing my private gym in my new Apartment I notice that the prices for sport weight in Germany increased by approximately 4x . So I Started to search for a way to create own weight plates which I could use on my bench press machine. After a few days I found a guy on youtube who created weight plates of concrete. I was so amazed by that guy and that video, that I wanted to try that as well.

I started creating a form of PLA with my Creality Ender3 V3 3D Printer. It took almost a week to design, print and assembly all needed parts. I created moulds which has four bottom parts and four top parts.

I screwed the printed parts on wooden plate and filled them with usual concrete. The first plate went pretty good but then the pla form started to break.

I tried to glue them but the result wasn’t the same anymore.

After a discussion about that with close friend he told me about the #mostlyprintedcnc machine by v1enginner’s.